the Angels who guide and protect us - Ronald amesse

This gallery includes paintings and sculptures of guardian angels.

In this painting by Vygantas Paukste, we have a women in a river with her guardian angel looking over her. The artist uses smooth lines to depict the calmness of the woman lying in the river. The blue of the water appears to be moving slowing against the green of the shore creating the illusion of movement
In this painting, The Annunciation to the Shepherds by Jules Bastien-Lepage, an angel making an announcement to the kneeling shepherds. Bastien's Angel in the painting is quick to catch the eye of the viewer, due to the contrast of light and dark in the painting.
In this painting Lord Frederic Leighton depicts an angel bringing bringing food and drink to Elijah after he prayed for death. Visuals in this painting are very light on the eyes. The lines used to emphasize Elijah muscle tone are very detailed, While the smoothness of the lines in the angel help give it a more elegant disposition.
The Annunciation by Simon Bening depicts the archangel Gabriel announcing to the virgin Mary that she will bear the child of God. The use of bright colors makes this painting appealing to the viewer.
The Madonna and Child with Saints Catherine and Thomas by Lorenzo Lotto, depicts an angel crowning the virgin Mary while she sits under a tree with her son and the Saints Catherine and Thomas. Lotto use of movement takes the viewer through the entire painting.
The Guardian Angel depicts an angel leading a child by the hand. The painting use of light colors makes it easy to look at. The smoothness of the line depict a calm and peaceful exchange between the angel and child. The use of movement is very informative about what is going on in the scene.
The Drawing depicts an angel comforting a man. The use of shapes and lines help tell the story of the drawing. The shape of the mans eyes and mouth lets the viewer know there is something wrong with him. While the movement of the angels arm to comfort the man helps use know that it is there to help him.
The Guardian Angel by Luis Juarez depicts a child of high class being shown the way to the light by an angel. In this painting contrast is used to define good and evil. The light to which the angel is pointing too, opposed to the darkness occupied by the temptress and the demon.
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