Age OF Renaissance

by:Claire Phelan ,Sarah Rodriguez

If you look at his beard you can see how realistic it looks as he's holding it. You can also see that the muscle definition is that of a normal human making the statue realistic.
You can clearly see in this painting, that the expression on the ladies face is very emotional. It is something that captures the realism of the painting.
Notice that Raphael remembered to capture the realism by making the reflections on the water of the people. He also detailed the background to that of the scenery around the men.
In this painting you can see the shadows give the objects a three dimensional look making the painting feel real. You can also see how detailed the clothes are on the men.
In this sketch by Michelangelo he remembered to add the very many details of a real arm making the sketch realistic.
You can notice that there are very many details that make this painting feel and look realistic to the viewer. The distinct background also plays a part in this painting.
One of the very discriptive details in this painting is the way the fabric of the clothes folds and falls on the people's body. Also, on every object there is an amense amount of details.
In this sculpture the way he carved the body muscles is very detailed and realistic. It looks as though a real man could be standing there.
In this very descriptive painting, notice all the many little details in the background. For example, every little leaf on the trees are painted and the apperance of every little strand of grass.
Notice in this carving how it appears as if the women has a shadow above her eye. It also appears that the cloth is real and three demensional.
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