Natalie Chirishian's GAllery

What grabbed my attention is how the painting was drawn.You can see every stroke of pencil in the painting. You can also see the emotion of both the girl and the dog. This is a Renaissance because their emotion, movement, and the painting responds to light.
The thing that grabbed my attention was that you can is every detail in the painting and that you can the emotion of the women. Also, you can see that a man had been drawn but not finish, next to the women. This is a Renaissance art because the women is nude, their is emotion on the women's face, and that their motion in the painting.
What grabbed my attention is how the sculpture looks realistic. The way he stands looks like it is a real person. Also, it looks like he is moving into a position and their is a very sad emotion on his face. You can see every detail and color on the sculpture. This is a Renaissance art because the man is nude, it looks realistic, and their is emotion in the face.
What grabbed my attention is the mans emotion. In this painting you can see how the man feels . His emotion tells how he is feeling and also if you zoom in you can see every detail in how he created the painting.This is a Renaissance art by showing emotion, how the man is feeling, and the color responds to light, leaving a shadow in the back. by: Natalie Chirishian
Credits: All media
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