Wheeler, R ARTs 100 Week 2

Italian Renaissance

When looking at the Madonna and Child you will notice the figures in the framing first. The Virgin Mary is looking at her son Jesus in what seems to be a look of love and concern. Baby Jesus is holding on to his mother but yet still seems to show a look of confindence and control. They are both made of a stone that is white and smooth. The negative space is a deep blue in color which really brings the viewers focus to the art work in the middle that is protruding and standing out. They appear to be in the clouds or water, if looking at the bottom of the picture you can see clouds or water as if to say that they will raise above it all. They both also have something that appears to be a halo around their heads in the background. The frame is elegant yet it does not take away from the art work itself (Robbia, 2016).
Leonhard Kern’s “The Three Graces” is simply amazing, it is as if he saying that that women are strong and confident, yet even more so when they are together. His art work shows a support chain and that the women seem to be there for each other no matter what is going on in the world. They are naked yet confident in their own bodies (Kern, 2016).
The Bust of Cleopatra is breath taking. The stone feature speaks so many words to the viewer. It shows that care, love and strength of this amazing women. You can see a crown on her head but is does not take away from the facial expressions that are being conveyed to the viewer. There is great detail in the face and even the clothing that she is wearing. With very little color you cannot help but to focus on her face and feel her worries (Bonacolsi, 2016).
This little angel with his dolphin is just the cutest. The litte angel is smiling and just seems to be so happy holding his dolphin. It also appears that he is standing on top of the world. As if Andrea Del Verrocchio is trying to say that if you are living in harmony with the creatures of the world you will always be happy (Verrocchio, 2016C).
The sculpture by Adolf von Hildebrand is beautiful, he choose a white stone to use as his media. It is smooth in touch with great detail to the young man that is sleeping as if to say that watching over your heard is exhausting on every level. The main focal point of this art work is the young man resting as everything seems to point toward that young lades head (Hildebrand, 2016).
This painting showing Christ arising above everyone as they are sitting outside his tomb. You see a small river with mountains in the background yet they are small as if to say focuses on Christ because he has returned. Christ is holding a white flag with a red cross on it pointing to the sky as to say thank you and I am here. There are people on the ground in front of him yet they are not the main point as they too are looking to Christ which draws the viewer’s attention to him (Antonio/ Boltraffio/ Oggiono, 2016).
Credits: All media
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