To suffer, or to die?

In life the only thing that is promised is death. Death is not welcomed by many, but accepted by everyone. During periods of harsh suffering, it can seem that death would be the more favorable option. Suffering and death go hand-in-hand much of the time. Everyone lives a different life, and suffers differently. Death, however, sees no difference in any single person because he knows their day will come. "People are going to die, it's statistics." - The Yellow Birds                                                                This exhibit tells the story of any and every person in the world. Everyone suffers, and everyone dies. It is a harsh reality, but reality nonetheless. It does not tell the story of one, but the story of hundreds of millions. Every book we read this year showed the protagonist suffer from a loss of someone close to them; for Gilgamesh it was Enkidu, and for Bartle, it was Murph.                                               You can't escape or fight back against death, but you can fight back against suffering. So will you let suffering rule you, or will you rule over suffering until the day Death rings your doorbell?

Parallel Worlds
"Hundred times I wanted to kill myself, but always I loved life more." - (Old Woman, Candide)
“All pain is the same. Only the details are different.” (The Yellow Birds)
You have turned dark and do not hear me!" But his (Enkidu's) eyes do not move, he touched his heart, but it beat no longer. (Gilgamesh 8.38-46)
We see things....
Things that start to break us down from the inside...
Things that lead to an inevitable death.
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