The Grandeur of Perspective

This collection, focusing on perspective artistry, mainly consists of Jeesun Hahn's and Seahyun Lee's artworks. Other artist such as Fra Carnevale, Giovanni Panini, and Walter Ophey also are premired in this collection. Enjoy!

The Ideal City displays a city in Italy most like ordered from the Ducal Palace of Federico da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino which was commissioned by Fra Carnevale. This painting displays a city square with little human activity, within the city ancient structures; which include a decorative archway that was contributed to the previous emperor Constantine and the Colosseum, which are included among other more modern buildings. Which may depict the mergence of the ancient world with the new world.
The Meeting of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba is one of six biblical scenes attributed to the Circle of Juan de la Corte. This scene depicts the meeting between the King and Queen companied by family, soldiers, and maidens inside a beautiful palace.
Created by Prerre Patel in 1669 the Palace of Versailles was constructed in 1634. The architect Louis Le Vau was order by King Louis XIV to add to the hunting lodge formaly used by King Louis the XIII. This painting depicts a panoramic view of the Palace and surrounding gardens with a grand procession traveling through the court yard.
Giovanni Battista Piranesi created The Drawbridge locate in a 'Carceri’ (dungeon). Mostly working on romantic style drawings he created this dungeon with extreme detail and realism. As you can see in this piece he loves to experiment with architecture by adding multiple steps that seem endless indicating that the dungeon runs deep into the earth.
When Giovanni Paolo Panini created the Interior of the Pantheon, Rome in 1734. He had to manipulate the perspective of the interior to show a larger area than is actually possible from any single point of perspective. Inside of the Pantheon it shows the every day crowds that are most likely to be found inside during the 18th century.
Created by Walter Ophey, Park Paths displays a fantastic scene of colors as the main focus of a path that forks surround by colorful trees. As the path stretches down the road the trees turn from natural green and brown into cooler colors that resemble blue to describe a sense of depth. You also notice figures posted along the path to gain a sense that depicts a park.
Li Yaoping created The Ancient Temple Among Mountains and Valleys, in 1926. The painting uses fantastic various tones of blue and green. Depicting a large mountain range partially hidden by mist is a river flowing through the valley. Also located in the valley is an almost hidden temple tucked away in the hills and vegetation, on the opposite side of the river. Using Western concept he introduced new elements to traditional Chinese painting.
This painting created by Seahyun Lee uses tones of red to create one of a large series of landscapes, to depict what he had seen, through night vision goggles, during his time experienced when he attended his mandatory military service in South Korea. This painting depicts a vast mountain range with a river flowing through the valley into a lake. You can also see a small temple and lighthouse located near the mouth of the lake, too.
Between Red_026 is another painting created in 2007 which belongs to a large series of red toned paintings created by Seahyun Lee during his military years in the DMZ, in Korea. Mainly depicting an island chain you can also see hidden structures laced in the image. In the upper left quadrant of this painting is an outpost overlooking a small portion of a village. Located in the bottom left quadrant is the what would be the rest of the village, located in the upper right quadrant is a large estate located outside of the village. And In the bottom right quadrant is the fields and road that leads from the village.
Between Red_057 is another painting created in 2008 belonging to a larger series of red toned paintings created by Seahyun Lee during his military years in the DMZ, in Korea. This painting depicting a mountain range that reaches into the sea is an palace located behind the bridge that is the center in the bottom quadrant of the painting. Just locate on the opposite site of the bridge is a private residence.
Showing a red toned panoramic view of a location visited by Seahyun Lee during his military days in the DMZ in Korea is called Between Red_066, created in 2008. Mainly depicting two ports located at both ends of the gulf. You can also see a few building and outposts scattered around the gulf as well.
Created in 2005 by Jeesun Hahn 11-Road. He used abstractive form of perspective to create an emotional response. Depicting an endless road of stairs, it makes a gesture of the destiny of life and also suggests an afterlife beyond the road.
In 2006, Jeesun Hahn, created 14-Road which depicts an endless road of stairs. You can see multiple paths splitting from the roads which may indicate that since life has many paths and all lead to different results. Which may indicate why there are so many staircases leading away from the road.
Created in 2008 by Jeesun Hahn, 24-Road, uses an abstract form of perspective to trigger a emotional response. This painting depicting multiple stairs leading into a city landscape, may represent the many paths that lead back to civilization or the city. Or the road one may take that leads to a new way of life.
Created most recently in 2011 by Jeesun Hahn 54- Road, is newest acquired piece in my gallery. This painting depicts a unique abstract perspective, displaying endless stairs leading into a dreamlike land this painting was created to inspire creation and fantasy.
Credits: All media
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