My Egyptian Gallery

Cats were always worshiped in Ancient Egypt, so this statue resembles the culture well. They saw cats as domesticated and god-like. Statues like this were usually presented as offerings to the goddess
A piece of pottery that displays elegance and appears to have movement in it. It comes from the 14th Century BC, the Mycenaean period. The swirls show a tension in the art, and resembles water.
A mummy statue that closely resembles what a life sized one would look like. It has Egyptian writing on the legs and it's holding gold objects. It's medium is faience.
A limestone rock slate, carved with Egyptian pictures and writing. It is meant to show Thutmose the third holding royal statues and surrounding the edges are parts of other royal figures.
A statue of one of the worshiped gods, Pe. The surface is purposely roughened and it's head was inlaid with colored stones and glass. The way his hands are and how he is sitting is represents balance.
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