Contrast in Music:Charna Nealy

This gallery contains artwork from different artist who managed to combine musical elements to a contrasting piece of art. These pieces range from paintings to sculptures. The content of each piece is vastly different but they all have that uniqueness to them. Enjoy the gallery as is explores your mind into an artistic musical journey. 

This photo is a perfect example of contrast with music. On the surface, you can see two different images. The top image looks like a fish with chaos surrounding them and the bottom photo looks like two different types of fish but also with chaos surrounding them. If you were to take a closer look at both the top and bottom portions of the painting, you will see there is much more than meets the eye. There are many of different people playing many of different instruments. It is portraying that even in the midst of all the individual differences, collectively, a beautiful painting is there.
The Cathedral is a painting that is combining vertical and horizontal lines into one work of art. These lines are continuously contrasting with one another that they actually in some areas are creating new shapes. The artist specifically wanted to combine his interest with architecture with his love for music. The artist also describes the symmetrical alternation in architecture is much like musical beats.
This painting is very unique in a few different ways. The title is Music Machine and it is clear that the artist wanted to implement different types of music gadgets and music making machines. There are also elements such as a slider from a mixing board that you would find in the studio. The contrast here is taking all these different elements from totally different machines and meshing them into one work of art.
This human figurine is represented as the center of the earthly world in Cupisnique art. The holes on the eyes and nose were occasionally used as musical instruments. This piece in particular only symbolizes a man holding an instrument. The face is contrasting with the body of the figuring because while the body, in connection with the instrument, is all intertwined, the face protrudes just a little to show that inconsistency.
This painting clearly exemplifies music and art together. The artist wanted to show abstract lines and colors while also implementing a rock artist. He also wanted to show the connection between the spontaneous and uncertainties of art and how being a rock artist can sometimes be just as unclear.
This photo is named “The Black Spot”. Its name gives a slight meaning to the painting but the actual meaning is much more complex. The uncertainties of this painting definitely makes you think. The artist wanted to portray the individual chaos of an orchestra who together creates a dynamic sound. The colors contrast with one another and so does the lines and shapes. Even though there is a major contrast within this photo, you can still get a sense of rhythm.
This is an image of the Mayuri. The Mayuri is a peacock shaped string instrument derived from the Esraj. It was most popular in the 19th century. This instrument combined two totally opposite things and made them into one. A flute and a peacock are totally contrasting one another but came together nicely to create this unique instrument.
Madonna and child with musical angels is a painting that shows the gothics styles of the early 1400s. Angels who in unity, are singing and playing classical music surround Madonna. On Madonna’s lap is Christ, whom they are glorifying. The color ways in this painting portray Christianity and the compassion from the angels to Madonna.
This is a more intellectual piece. This artwork is leading you to feel as if you are listening to music created by the universe or some galactic form. The different shapes and pictures are all different from one another but the constant blue and black background allows your mind to make a connection within the chaos.
This piece is called “Guitar on a Table”. Its name gives a clear explanation on what is seen. The different paper elements and with the use of line elements collectively create an image of a guitar. While at first glance the guitar is clearly scene, if you allow your mind to slip away from that, you can see what each individual piece of paper has on it.
Credits: All media
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