The War Of The Worlds

Paintings or pieces of art showing the tone, an epigraph, historical setting, or connections of The War of The Worlds wrriten by H.G. Wells. Presented in art by Will Riley

This crown is my representation of the epigraph which ponders on the lord of the world. A reason H.G. Wells could have selected this epigraph was because the world is coming to a war and only one winner can come out.
The univsersal theme in this book was in my opinion fighting back. These martians were intruding their land, so the narrator of this book and his fellow countrysmen fought for their land back.
The tone created in this book represents fear. Although the theme suggests courage and fighting back, these men and women were scared when these creatures came to their land.
The centuries prior have shown us that the English army was nicknamed the lobster backs, the symbolism of the lobster represents the country where this book is taking place.
This quilt of the US Flag represents my conenction of how strong and powerful our country is if we were to invade somewhere like the martians did.
All the red in this picture is a representation of the strength and passion the narrator possesses' when battling the martians.
This little bird with a science tool on him shows that the character narrating the book is a scientist.
Credits: All media
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