The Great One's Gallery

This Gallery is about amazing color in artwork

Even though so much is going on the colors make it seem to work beautifully.
Simple but complex at the same time
The colors on this one make it feel as if your in a type of fantasy, soo majestic
with the colors being a soft tone it makes it feel like it is godly in a sense
The colors drown you out in a way that sound could to the point you just want it to stop but you realize its in your head
simply yet displays a type of story to be told
the colors display the night so peacefully yet so surreal in a sense
even with so many different colors its like a controlled mess in a sense its perfect
the two colors used in this one go so perfectly together that even in different tones it works
the colors in this one seem almost childlike in a sense its calming in a way
the way the maps are used are just amazing cause it seems the color flow together perfectly
the color and tone in this one displays a dark underling in it you can almost tell something bad is going to happen
The colors in this one seems to just bring the texture to life in this work.
The reason behind this selection is because I love the way he is able the capture colors of this artwork in the purest of essences.
The color on this one makes it standout.