Romanticism (Glyn School)

Have a think about what elements makes a good romantic landscape or romantic portrait ?

J.M.W. Turner - Think about the effect of light within the scene. What mood and emotions are created ?
Think about the use of colour combination to help enhance emotion within the scene ?
Can you identify any mark-making from brushwork up close to the painting?
What is J.M.W Turner trying to portray within this landscape?
Is the Light within this painting soft or harsh ?
How does composition help to create depth within this landscape?
William Blake - What features within this painting helps to create a sense of romanticism?
What is happening within this painting?
What do you think is happening in this painting? Who do you think the figures are?
What can you identify in this work that creates a sense of romanticism?
C.D Friedrich - What emotions/feelings can you gain from this painting?
Think about the use of colour combination and composition within this work. How can it create romanticism?
Is a warm or cold feeling of light created within this work?
How has the artist combined colours? Think about the brushwork used?
Renoir - Can you feel any emotions by looking at the figure? Think about what colours and brushwork have been used?
Francisco de Goya
Has the use of light enhanced this work? How have the figures been portrayed?
What do you think is happening within this painting?
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