salt, sand and sea

This Beach themed exhibition contains a range of artworks and formats used to depict the beach in a variety of ways. The Beach was chosen as the theme of this exhibition as it creates a relaxing and calm sense in the audience’s mind which is quite possibly an aspect of what each artist was trying to portray in these artworks. These artworks depict the beach in different stages such as at sunset, bustling with people, quiet and isolated and even a beach with the adaptions of everyday life. This exhibition brings to life the beach feel and calmness into every person’s mind and creates a sense of awareness. It shows an environment much loved by society and portrays this environment at its finest and most beautiful looking. This may cause the audience to react on many different ways such as them wondering why the beach does not look like that today, or how beautiful this world is. No matter the reaction, this is what each artist was trying to achieve. They are trying to achieve different reactions in the audience. In this exhibition, the artworks have been arranged in a specific and purposeful manner in order to create an even deeper reaction in the audience. This was done by the transitions between artworks and the different styles and meanings of each artwork. The beach environment is shown vastly in this exhibition and focuses on the different stages of the beach and its actions. It depicts this environment using many different frames and angles to get the best meaning.

Subjective frame: My first impression of this beach artwork was beauty. This painting captures the sky contrasting with the waves and sand. It shows a calm ocean and with a few, subtle waves. The artwork creates a mood of tiredness and calmness due to the sunset colours and the calm ocean. It's shore also suggests emptiness as there is jsut the oce, sand, rocks and sky. No people to disrupt the relaxing feel. It is an amazing artwork which capture the relaxing side to a beach; not the bustling, crowded and noisy beaches. It shows a peaceful surrounding and environment which deserves to be appreciated.
This artwork to your right was created in 1940 by Charles Meere. This painting is of a crowded beach in Sydney, Australia. It is quite complex with many people and objects all in one picture. This painting looks very realistic due to the painting. It has been made with paint and lots of detail. The artist has used very fine and smooth brush strokes to create a smooth and realistic feeling on the artwork. Due to the detail and fine brush strokes, the artwork comes across as realistic and cartoon smooth like. It also uses organic shapes and figures such as humans and beach objects such as a beach ball. The colours also contribute to the realism of the artwork as they have been chosen from a soft and dark range such as navy, dark green, orange, white and yellow. Australia Beach Pattern may give the audience a feeling of excitement or anxiety. The audience may feel excited that it is a busy beach and that there is a lot of people and they are having a lot of fun. Others may feel a sense of anxiousness as there are too many people and it is very crowded. They may feel as if they have no space. I think that this artwork is an amazing piece due to the realism of the painting. This artwork depicts a group of bustling beach goers which is made up of both females and males, proving the beach to be a place for both genders. All the people in the artwork also look quite golden-tanned. This could be a stereotypical issue in society as those who go to the beach in Sydney may not always turn golden-tanned. Overall this artwork, filled with lots of people having fun at the beach with friends and family, has been beautifully composed with fine detail and the intention of mixed opinions.
Summer evening on Skagen’s Beach. Anna Ancher and Marie Kroyer walking together. This artwork too your left was created in 1893 by P.S. Kroyer. This is a painting made with oil on canvas and depicts some meaningful perspectives. The artist painted this artwork to capture the merge between the blue sky and the blue ocean which you can see in the artwork. The two are connected together by colour, not showing a horizon. This artwork has been painted with soft brush strokes and some patchy strokes to depict the softness of the environment. It uses the shapes and figures of two organic humans to be the muse for the artwork. The artwork shows a beach where the shore may go on forever. It is a beautiful artwork which creates a feeling of relaxation and comfort due to the colours used. The artwork has used oils based on the colours, blue, yellow, grey and light green. These colours also make the artwork a softer piece, rather than a vibrant and busy one. Summer evening on Skagen’s Beach portrays two of the female gender walking on the beach. It shows the two ladies strolling on the beach in clothes which are not as modern. They are gowns which you do not usually wear to the beach. This shows the difference between the clothing worn to the beach in the different societies. This artwork also gives the audience a feeling of emptiness as the beach is isolated, except for the 2 women who have the beach to themselves. This technique also helps to create a calming feeling as you may feel yourself in the artwork on a quiet peaceful beach.
Postmodern frame: This painting depicts a postmodern frame as it has an added source. The mainstream painting of the beach has been taken out of the mainstream context by adding in power lines. The affect of this is to show how humans have changed and added things to the natural environment to benefit themselves. It creates a sense of greediness in humans. It challenges the perspective of how we have changed the natural environment and if we have changed it for the better.
Cultural frame: This beach themed painting represents children running, laughing and playing on the beach; together. One of the meanings depicted in this artwork is the sense of friendship and love that the kids are sharing. It shows that things that you love can create new and better experiences. This artwork does not show any disregard or trace of a notion of gender, race, politics or religion. Due to this, a sense of equality is created as you do not have to be categorised under those headings to have an enjoyable time. It portrays a society which believes that it doesn't matter what gender or race you are. This also shows the fun and togetherness feeling that the beach can provide.
Structural Frame: This artwork of the two boats on the beach composes of a lot of different techniques of the art making practice. It has been painted with subtle and calm, earthy colours to create a calm and empty feeling. The artist has used browns, blues and whites in this artwork. This artwork also uses different brush strokes to cause different effects. It uses smooth but grungy brushstrokes for the sand. The sky was created with patchy brush patterns to make it more open and show the clouds. The sea has also been done with fine strokes to symbolise the waves. The tone of the sky has been faded through the blue colour; with light blue at the top and a darker blue as the sea.
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