The Art of perspective

by Alexander Sztenderowicz

Why I chose this image is due to it's warmth. This perspective portrait has some really vibrant dark colors that make the picture intense .
I chose this image simply due to the colors. It's very relaxing since it's a picture of a beach.
I chose this image because I enjoyed the style of art. The forest and town in the background grab my attention rather than the lion since the town has lighter colors.
I chose this image since the details and vibrant colors/shadows caught my eye. The landscape is made beautifully as well as the lighting.
This image has a psychedelic feel to it since its colors pop out with different shades of the rainbow. Also there are many inspiring elements such as the jelly fish to the left of the image.
This picture displays adventure and exploration. When I think of rainforest I imagine exotic creatures and beautiful waterfalls or springs.
The feeling to this picture is loneliness. It's relaxing but also depressing due to the dark colors and mood towards the unrecognizable character.
This perspective painting has an uplifting mood towards it since the colors are light and smooth. Usually beaches are family oriented so to me it brings a positive attitude.
This image was chosen due to the coolness of the painting. The blue colors bring out the nostalgic feeling of early morning fishing.
This perspective picture is interesting since it only has two colors but shows a lot of details. Plus you can see how the red goes from a darker to a lighter shading as the landscape becomes farther.
The perspective photograph was chosen since it's vintage. I like looking at photos from the past because its interesting to look at how society was and how it has progressed.
This perspective painting was chosen because it's impressive due to the lighting and shadows. It's looks peaceful and quiet since the colors are displaying a sunset.
This painting was put into the gallery since the lightness of the colors bring an uplifting feel to it. The clouds have an interesting lumpy pattern along with shadows of the waves.
This painting is really cool since I love storms passing over. The feeling of the cool air passing with the shadows of the clouds running across the landscape. Also the lighter colors are vibrant.
The painting of the town is very interesting due to the location and architecture of the houses. The reflection of colors on the water are nice too along with the sky.