All of these sculptures really peaked my interest for one reason or another. These five pieces are all from relatively different time periods, however, I still feel like the content or line structure of each helps to tie each one together. If you look at all five of them, you realize that each of them have a curvature to them. Beyond the simple curvature of the outer edges, there is more intrinsic detail contained by the circular edges. All of this detail is what makes the content of the piece.

Man and his thought really intrigued me but I have no idea why. I can't see it all too well but what I can make out is the man is smaller that the other object in the sculpture. Possible meanings could be that the thought is bigger than the life of the man. It also looks as if the other object in the sculpture doesn't have a true form. Maybe this man's thoughts are jumbled and they really don't have any organization among them.
Ever since the seventh grade I have been in love with the Spanish culture. I don't know if its the beauty of the language or what, but something about just gets me going. I like how the subject matter of this piece, the rock of the sun, focuses on the one individual in the center of the piece. I am going to guess that the man in the middle of the piece is some sort of god, especially considering that the piece was created anywhere from the 13th century to the 16th century. I also like the way the lines of the piece conflict with one another, but yet still flow together nice enough so that the piece is appealing. There is the rounded curvy lines all over the sculpture and then inside of those lines are jagged sharp lines and boxes with right angles. I have a feeling that these mean something but I can't really figure it out.
I don't know what it is about this mask, but it just intrigues me. It looks like it is smiling, but when you look again, it looks like it has a big long nose. the eyes are round and engaging. The lines in this piece are all rounded. Even where the mask comes to a point, the point is rounded off. The subject of the this sculpture is the mask. This look like a mask that could have been worn in a ceremony for something happy.
This piece is quite interesting because I make a connection from the 5th century to the 21st. In this piece you see the subject matter as being three people sitting in what seems to be a public place conversing with one another. I see the connection to the 21st century because there are several times a day when people just sit in public places and converse with one another. The lines of the piece are all perfectly shaped to match the outline of a human body. The pecs of the men in the sculptures are outlined, and it seems as though each cluster of hair is individually distinguished.
This I just found really cool because It showed to me how cats during the time of the Egyptians were viewed as God-like. Cats were admired so much that they mummified cats to preserve them forever. The subject of this piece speaks for itself. The hard shell of the case is standing upright and is depicts a cat just standing there. Even in death the cat seems peaceful and calm.
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