The mysterious dark ocean 

My exhibition theme that i have chosen to discuss to you about is the ocean. These photos are showing the weather conditions that the ocean will go through. I selected this theme because i believe that the ocean is very interesting in its own way, the ocean i think is mysterious in its own way because no one really knows every single thing about the ocean. These photos also have a few fish in them showing that fish are apart of the ocean and play a big part. In the structural framework it tells us about composition and i believe that this is used in some of these photos in my exhibition because in these artworks we use a combination of lines, shape, form, texture, color, tone and pattern. These photos use mostly color, lines, tone and patterns because they are represents what they  think the ocean would look like or what think would make the ocean look more interesting by showing it in their own perspective. Tone is used to show lighter and darker colors by tinting to make a lighter color and we shade to make a color darker and in some of these photos these artist have used this technique to express their opinion in their artworks. In this exhibition we also use pattern in these artworks to represent the lines, shape and color in the artworks. In the cultural framework its says "place" our place that we are using is the ocean, the ocean covers up 70% of the earth which is over half and we use these artworks to express how thankful we are for having the earth be covered in 70% of water. I hope u enjoyed my exhibition and thank you for listening.

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