Far Beyond Real, Sean bell 

In this gallery I have chosen a line of works that display surrealistic landscapes. In each piece, there are landscapes in which the artist used dreamlike images to develop. 

In this piece, there is a man's face and a woman on a what appears to be a beach. In the distance there is an ocean, and rock formations flanking each side. The woman is sitting on a platform.
In this piece, there is what seems to be a mass of staircases. Some of the areas show legs that appear to be walking up the stairs. there also appears to be a cloudy sky.
In this piece there appears to be a naked couple, some hooded figures, and a mountain range which also contains a person laying down. The first figure that is depicted in a random pattern.
In this piece there is a mass of what appears to be a majorly deformed person. There are eyes, teeth, intestines, veins, and skin, all in places that do not belong.
This piece is describing a trial in a ver surreal fashion. The main figure of this piece has his hands bound and a very square head. The other figures in this piece are portrayed very ugly.
In this piece, there is a fortress with a colorful mass shooting out of the top. the piece in from the point of view of a window. There is also story skies and lightening.
This piece consists of a lot of square shapes, filled in with more grotesque shapes. There are many dark colors that allow a brighter red to stick out.
This piece looks like the inside of a room that could be high up in a building. You can see in the background out of windows the upper levels of other building. In the foreground is a placcard.
In this piece, is a vast closed area. In the area there are different objects that show similarities to real world things. To the right of the image there is an easel with the outline of a painting.
In this piece is a tower that is made up a varies stacked objects. In the distance is a bloody skeleton of an animal and a stack of tires. At the top of the tower is a case containing caesars head.
Credits: All media
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