Morgan Dwyer


This piece of art work shows texture. Texture is how something feels or how it looks like it feels. If you look closely you are able to see the bumps all the way around it
This piece of artwork is called "Celadon Bottle with Inlaid Lotus." This represents line. Line is defined as the path that a dot follows. You can see all the line details on this bottle.
This pot is showing a 3-D object. A lot of things could show a 3-D object but i liked this round bottomed pot made of shelf-tempered. Form is what defines a 3-D objects.
This artwork is called "Plaque." I picked this one to repesent color. Color is defined as reflection of light that your eyes see. The colors are reds, yellows, and a little white.
This is a 2D shape because it is flat and it doesn't stick up or can hold things inside.
This artwork shows space. Space is defined as area around an object. When you look inside of the bowl you see the star and the fish and the white area in between those represent the space
The artwork is called "White Procelain Bottle." To me this shows value. Value is the lightness and darkness. On the bottle you can see the white or cream background with the black detailed lines.
I picked this title floor to show variety. Variety is different elements combined and as you can see in this artwork with the rectangles and different lines.
"Corinthian Round-Bodies" is a good example of balance. Balance is the equal weight on both sides. With the lines and the doodles are very even all through out this piece of artwork.
I picked this to show proportionry. Proportiory is relative size of 1 part to another. This shows because how its big at the bottom and slowly gets smaller.
To me this shows harmony. Harmony is finding similarities between difference. With the zig zap lings and then the straight lines have similarities because of how they are balanced.
I picked this bowl to show emphasis. Emphasis is something that stands out. The dot in the middle of this bowl shows emphasis because its the only dot on this artwork.
"ceramic ceremonial vessel" shows movement because of the swirl through out the bottom. Movement is visual mution or acted.
This art work shows rhythm. Rhythm is this illusion of movement created by pattern. The tree and flowers coming off the branches show that.
This shows pattern. Pattern is repeating elements. I think this because of the lines are equal with the rest and then the colors. Also it has the design at the bottom creating a pattern as well.
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