The Era of Reform

By Joseph Bartkowiak

Frederick Douglass was an education reformer, This man helped allow African Americans get an education.
If you have no idea who this is, you should be ashamed, Harriet Tubman was the conductor of the Underground Railroad. This woman was very brave, she was brave enough to go from South to North and back She did this to help slaves escape to the North with her.
Factory workers had it hard, even children worked but it was hard. Children crawled into tight spaces to fix something, this usually ended in losing limbs fingers or in one woman's case a deformed body. Not behaving many times would result in having a weight tied to you. Or in a terrible case, whipping.Factory workers didn't get an education because in order to provide for the family, children had to work. Slaves worked in factories too, but never got paid because well, they are slaves, not American workers.
Education was a big deal in these times, a girl like this, wouldn't have been as happy as she looks now, she wouldn't be able to go to school, neither could African Americans. But this soon would change, Oberlin College was the first college to allow women as well as men. This would change our history.
Slaves worked hard to get what they earned, uneducated, hard working slaves stayed in the heat all day to provide for their owner. Sometimes, slaves were treated horribly, other times, they were family. Slave issues were a big part in the Civil War, but we did it because, it was all we knew.
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