Architecture In ART By Derek Hoffman

An examination of Architecture in various mediums.  This will be a gallery that looks at the various themes of architecture in the different types of visual art found around the world.  From paintings to photos, we will see a snapshot of how artists represent structures in their individual work using the elements and principles of art and design.

Tower of Babel depicts the legendary tower at the center of the story in the book of Genesis. The work depicts the tower as it would have looked like using the style of classical Roman architecture.
Interior of the Pantheon, Rome is a painting of an actual architectural site. Using linear perspective, it shows a greater portion of the interior than could actually be seen in real life.
The Arch of Titus in Rome, is a work that depicts the great entrance arches that visitors must pass through in order to reach the city. Each one is a display of title and power.
Forum Romanum, for Mr Soane's Museum depicts the reclamation of several historical monuments in an effort to convey the efforts of preservation. The Arch of Titus is also shown in this work.
Building 64 is a sculpture formed from photographs. Using perspective and transparent materials, this is modern urban art without defacement, showcasing a new genre of art, going beyond models.
Dreams of Building- 10 is constructed in the same process as Building 64. Yet it depicts a more Gothic theme instead of more modern designs resembling a section of cathedral.
The abstract nature of The Cathedral (Katedrála) is a translation of the French cathedrals. While it does not depict a single building, it evokes the form from that period.
From the renaissance, Architectural Veduta shows us another example of the use of linear perspective and the creation of depth on the two dimensional plane depicting a Roman plaza.
Gothic Church on a Rock by the Sea is a beautiful example of Gothic style churches. While the nature of the design is very dark and angular, it still has a haunting beauty.
The Fortress Tower, is a great example of the use of Impasto or the use of thick strokes of oil paint on the canvas depicting Russian architecture from the middle ages.
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