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Egyptians often did a lot of artwork with gold to show the power of their king. even when their king passed away they knew they would be greatly remembered. Anywhere from ancient sculptures to ancient painting you see images of their pharaohs.

This is the facial area of Egyptian thumbs. Kings were placed in here and these caskets were decorated with gold and jewelry to symbolize the power of the king. They weren't meant to be forgotten.
This is the complete Egyptian thumb and in here would be place the king. This is an outstanding piece of work. just by looking at it you can see all the gold and crystal that have been placed into it. The entire casket has been molded to the average size of a human.
A kings power wasn't only represented by the gold or jewelry. they were also crafted into sculptures and artwork in their surroundings. each symbol had different representations. and you can notice the details that were carefully placed into their sculptures.
When its comes to Egyptians they made a lot of their artwork and sculptures with gold or gold in them. The gold represented their position of power and their values. When sculpting with gold and jews they still made sure that the details and messages they were trying to release were correct.
This king tut has a combination of both art and gold. A building with is meant to hold a pharaoh inside is made in gold. But on that gold surface you can see symbols everywhere. Symbols that together tell a message. Each symbol has a meaning.
When looking at this design it is very different from our modern casket or any other one for that matter. this one is exactly shaped as a human body. made out of solid gold and diamonds to demonstrate a kings power. when they made these it was in hopes that one day they can bring their loved ones back to life.
Egyptians didn't only symbolize their power by gold and symbols. it was also the giant pyramids they built and statues that stood hundreds of feet high demonstrating what they were capable of building.
Egypt wasn't built over night. it was years of hard work and dedication from people to show case their work. this was back breaking work. now in days work that took them years to accomplish would only take us weeks. but people don't realize that back then they didn't have the tools we now have.
Egyptian artwork shows the power of the kings and queens but if you noticed carefully you can see the surrounding details and symbols that they place. portraying a message that they want to showcase.
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