The Memoirs 

This gallery that is presented to you today is represented of beautiful memories of life by other painters. The work shall be remember by all who look at it. 

In this painting we see has a light feel with a dab of color specs. The painters choice choice a soft feel to the over all painting. The lady in the picture shows pose an delicacy. The colors are bright and moving.
In this painting of the towel of Babel, you can see the intricate detail of each house and window. The greenery around the tower displays much depth and flow. This painting shows texture and contrast.
This lovely painting has a wonderful colorful undertone that is beautiful. This painting shows movement and displays grace as well. You can tell that there is love and history involved. The red background defines the whole setting of the painting.
This painting displays fanatically detail especially with the detailed gravel path. The fence between the lady and the young gentleman shows the distance between the two. You can see a strong love connection here between the two people here in the painting.
This painting shows drastic movement between the people in the painting. It's a blurred image but you can still make out the human form in the painting. The detail skin pigment of the painting is phenomenal.
This artwork clearly is shown death and life. Here you see bright colors on the right and then on the left side of the painting, is a sullen texture to it. Death is waiting to take either everyone on the right side of the painting or maybe he will take one of their lives soon. Or it could mean that one of them are already dead. This painting has meaning meanings. This painting has unity and depth.
There isn't much color with this painting as the others but it does tell a deep story. The characters eyes are wide and soulful. They're filled with a deep heartfelt expression. It's almost as if she was mourning someone she knew dearly. You can see the patterns with her gown. Even the texture is rich and full of depth.
In this painting, the affection is shown for the bird. This painting is in a dark setting of dark greens and browns. There is an aura around the bird which is where the love is. There isn't a varied range of detailed within the painting but the expression coming from the lady's face makes this a angelic.
This painting shows the deep dark depth of the trees. The color of the leaves are filled with life. It's filled with nature and overwhelmed with mystery. They're little specs of color in the leaves. Darks, light colors and so on. It's as if you were in the painting yourself. This painting gives you a sense of peace of mind.
This painting has another nature theme. With tiny specs of color that break away the greenery. The dark and light patterns of the tall grass. It almost looks like it's swaying moving in the painting. There in the picture you can see a unidentified human figure in the field but the human looks like it has a rifle in one hand. He or she could be hunting. In the background there are birds that a flying away. From the looks of it, the person may of shot a bird down and is going to retrieve it from somewhere in the field.
Credits: All media
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