Usama Ahmad

My favorite pieces

the best thing about this painting is you can see how the old Venice looked like with less construction around the water town Venice looks beautiful the artist worked long for this painting
This is another piece that i really liked from Venice , its absolute work you can see how the artist put the feel of a storm just by looking at the body language of the people drawn in
Unclear yet so clear this is piece has something very cool about it its a ruff painting as you can see its pretty decent
this is a British piece its another very nice piece plain art it shows you the calmness the picture is trying to project
This a very beautiful example of contemporary history art it makes you feel as if your part of the crowd
this picture is plain yet so nice it does not have much detail but you can see the artist did a great job
this stone it has verses of the Quran written upon verily its a beautiful piece
Translated in English its says 'God' it was a tile on a wall
This is the holy Quran opened on the first its first glorious chapter its beautifully detailed
This is a helmet it was made in turkey during 1500 the thing to wonder is who wore this helmet ?
This was also found in turkey its a beautiful dagger its hand made as you can see
this is a bowl with water weed designs in it from the early 13th century its very gorgeous and precise
this is actually little sculptures put into place and the background is painted its producing a scene looks marvelous
i think this painting was well done the details are very nice its clear 9/10
Credits: All media
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