Monet and Pissarro Land

A gallery of the Impressionist artists, Claude Monet and Camille Pissarro's artwork that was centered around land.

One in a series of fourteen works painted between February and April, Pissarro captured life from his hotel room overlooking the boulevard. Pissarro himself considered his work to be very modern and he said that; “I am delighted to be able to these Paris streets that people have come to call ugly”. I love this piece by Pissarro mainly because he decided to paint the streets of Paris in a light that made them look beautiful even though they were often viewed as ugly back in the days of impressionism.
Boulevard des Capucines is a beautiful piece that shows a Paris Boulevard from high above on a cold and dreary winter day. When looking at this piece I cannot help, but compare it to Pissarro's piece Boulevard Montmarte, Spring. Both pieces show Pairs boulevards, but Monet's is shown during the winter while Pissarros's is shown during the spiring.
This piece by Pissarro appears and may just be another one of Pissarro's experiments with pointillism and it is gorgeous. This piece has various textures and shades of green that make this beautiful field look real. I love this piece by Pissarro because of how realistic it looks.
Summer by Claude Monet has a different feel to it. In this piece we see Monet's wife and son, but they have no visual presense because Pissarro didn't want them to be apart of the the painting, but he did want to use them to create an impression. I feel that this piece by Pissarro is beautiful in its own way due to the whispy feel from the trees blowing in the wind to the flowing feel of his wife's dress.
During the late 80’s Pissarro began to experiment with pointillism that is quite similar to art work by the artist George Seurat. This piece is a clear experiment with pointillism and we can see that through the details and extensive number of dots that blend and blur together when you look at the piece from far away. I personally love this piece by Pissarro, but can understand how long it must take to make a piece in this style. Knowing this I can understand why many of Pissarro’s pieces are not in the style of pointillism even though he does an excellent job.
Flowering Plum Trees was painted during a very difficult time in Monet's life; he had lost his wife around the time that he painted this piece and he was falling into a financial hole. Now because of all these tragic events in Monet's life this piece and others painted around that time are very important to Monet's developement and change as an artist. I love this piece by Monet because of the beautiful sky and the trees that take ** much of the foreground. Finally, knowing the background story about Monet's life while he was painting this piece makes me love it even more.
This piece by Camille Pissarro is quite different mainly because it is a still life. This painting doesn't show any people and is not a landscape (things that are most commonly seen done by Pissarro) which is quite odd. I like this painting mainly because it is different and not something commonly seen down by Pissarro. I also like how the flowers in the vase appear to be slightly blurred and not completely defined (this seems to give the art character). I absolutely love this piece by Pissarro and I am quite surprised that I haven't seen more like it.
Even though this piece was painted in Monet's studio we still see influences of the outdoors which he painted so often. Many people can see how beautiful this piece looks and how it embodies nature even though it is a still life. My Favorite part of this piece is the flowers in the vase because of how colorful they are and how much texture they hold.
In Poppy Field by Claude Monet we yet again see his wife and son who are strolling through the poppy field. Monet left so much foreground out to create an impression, so that any person could interpret this art. I love this piece by Pissarro because of the bright red "Pops " of color from the poppies and the elegance that the overall piece has.
When looking at this painting it is said that "the balanced composition and cool harmony of blues, greens, and creamy yellow give this river view a serene stability" and that is true. This piece of work has an exquistie composition that is absolutly gorgous and makes the background and river really "Pop". I absoloutly love this piece by Pissarro because of the simplicity and natural feel that it holds.
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