Orange as emotion in art

The orange in this painting gives it a memory-like warmth.
The warm tones create a sense of distraught.
The highly contrasting warm tones of red and orange create a sensation of panic.
The perfectly contrasting warm tones against the blue create a sensual, passionate scene.
The monochromatic color scheme comforts and intrigues the viewer.
The small, highly saturated against the black and white spot of orange is the focal point of this piece and creates a lot of emphasis towards the color.
The brightest object in this piece is the orange drapery, possibly making it a strong symbol.
Warm undertones to this painting give a sense of importance to the woman.
The warm contrast gives the piece a sense of wonder and adventure.
The warm tone to the painting with the pale blue contrasting sky gives the piece a fantasy, dream like feel with an overlaying sense of a memory.
The bright red and orange tones next to the rich black shapes create a frightening tone of panic and dread.
The warm undertones with contrasting foggy green give the piece an ominous dreary feeling.
The sharp shapes and varying levels of contrast depict movement and action.
The monochromatic orange gives the painting a sense of dire, grave urgency and subtle tragedy.
The bright orange against the blue night sky brings together all of the characters depicted in the painting.
The warm colors contrast against the dark, negative colors and bring a lighter mood to the painting.
Credits: All media
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