China's Culture

This was found at the Banpo historical site, and Banpo culture is a very important part of the Yangshao culture
This basin was also a big part of the Yangshao Culture, as it expanded to the west.
I chose this, because it shows what was on the tombs.
This picture shows the similarity on how everyone worked for the higher class people. This is similar how things used to work everywhere.
This one shows the wisdom and history with the people in China
This painting shows how the people worked for one another.
I liked this image, because it shows how the women dress themselves in China.
This one shows how the people work together. It shows the unity between the people
This image caught my attention, because it arose from the Tang Dynasty. This is probably very important, because the Tang Dynasty was a very historic time for China.
This shows how the people show respect for others.
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