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I am curious. This picture fascinates me because I have no clue what it could be but I am excited to find out. However I am not a person who must have explanation. I can sit okay with just having to admire it. Curiosity relates to Western art because artists branched out in styles. tidal pools (created 2014; exhibited Sculpture by the Sea Bondi 2014) by Elaine Miles Sculpture by the Sea - Bondi Text Caption
I see this rock and think of love and passion and desire. It's something I want to clutch close to my heart. The same is true for me and good people. If I love a person I will guard them and make sure they do not get hurt. This passion relates to the Western world in the way that artists were passionate about painting/art. They would spend years to make an artwork perfect. I'm sure they would protect their work as if it was their own child. COUNTERARGUMENT: This gem was originally part of a necklace. Do art and jewelry differ? Is this art or jewelry? Was it jewelry when it was intact with others and because now it is not in tact does that make it art? Because of this dilemma (of possibly only being jewelry) should this gem be disqualified from the rest of my chosen images?
I am drawn in. I noticed that all the pictures I chose besides the monkey picture have a direct focal point. This picture reminds me of teleidoscopes. I am infatuated with teleidoscopes. The mood for me here is different than the excitement I get from teleidoscopes. I feel more at peace and focused experiencing this picture. I would chose this picture over a teleidoscopes view because this picture gives me the experience of God. Like the picture God draws me in and leaves me wandering about His mysteriousness and holiness. This concept relates to Western art very much because God was often the topic for the creation of many art works(we've seen that the artworks can either directly relate to God or indirectly). This picture relates indirectly to God for me.
I remember one instance that my dad held me in his arms to look at the stars. My memory likes to pretend that we experienced the stars several other times together but I cannot recall any more besides the time when I was very small. The Western world was curious about the sky in a different way. The paintings of sky were of Heaven and not the astronomical view of the night sky.
I love puns and fun humor. A lot of art today differs significantly from Western art in the area of comedy. Today, there is a lot more humor in art. I do not know of any Western works that are comedic.
Monkeys bring me so much joy. The love an animal can bring at the time of emotional hurt is so healing. Animals can read when to be sympathetic. From Western paintings with animals I do not see a connection between owner and pet like in today's world.
I love independent woman and I see so much power in them. I love when women believe in themselves and take on a task without complaining. I love women who are positive and not needy. I am a feminist naturally. The Western world early on portrayed women with beauty. Towards the end of Western art, after the womanly grace faded out, Western art came back in with the intellectual view of a woman.
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