element of art and design

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work.

(line) There are multiple different lines moving in paths. This is kind of like an optical illusion. The way the pattern is, every other line stands out.
(shape) There are many different shapes in the picture. There is a grain like look to the artwork. The lines are abstract.
(value) The lines are implied. The shading makes the figure stand out. The shading is made of little dots.
(texture) The detail on the bricks is very intriguing. It looks like it has a cracked clay texture to it. The color looks faded and old to fit the time period.
(form) All the shapes in here look 3-D. The black and white make it stand out. All the shapes in the front draw your attention away from the background.
(space) The texture on the painting looks grain like. The cows running out to the background gives it space. The shadows of the cows indicate that they are running towards the sun.
(color) The white floor and ceiling make the colored walls stand out more. the half circles give it a graceful look. And the lines give it a simple look.
Credits: All media
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