Impressionist White Water

Impressionists use a general vision and the viewer's previous experiences to not have to include as many fine details in their paintings. Water is showcased in this exhibit to display the use of white to represent the violent nature it possesses. This gallery is meant to emphasize the strong nature of water with minimal detail needed to show it's force.

Large waves batter the coastline of this gloomy scene of two people almost swallowed by the ocean. Monet uses color and specially white to show the violent nature of the waves as they crash on the shoreline.
Rough seas trounce a small sail boat of three weary men. The use of color and soft whites emphasizes the waves crashing on the bow of the small vessel.
A gloomy day is making way for a bright sunny afternoon as storm clouds clear on this stormy shore. The artist uses white to empasize the changing of the weather depicted by accenting the waves and clouds.
A levee is used to show the powerful nature of water in motion as well as the serene qualities it possess while stationary. The roaring waters are shown using white to present the action of movement in a turbulent fashion.
Rainstorms and rough seas punish the coast of a small bay while onlookers vask in glory of nature. The overwhelming use of white in the water shows the churning of the ocean and also blending the stormy sky into the horizon.
Credits: All media
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