This gallery is about Christianity, its Saints, and important events that have been written about in the Bible. The paintings are arranged by date and vary from early Renaissance to the later Renaissance period. These paintings vary in detail due to their time periods and it is fascinating to see the transition from the Middle Ages through color, texture, and dimensions.

This painting is the birth of Jesus and shows all who came to witness his birth. And specifically shows the magi who are also known as the wise men. It shows great detail in color and shades.
This picture portrays the scene from the Bible when an angel appears at the tomb of Jesus three days after being killed and the three Marys show up at his tomb with spices. The way in which the picture is painted is just beautiful the earthy color tones are somewhat comforting. The colors are a little darker but they are wisely used in the picture. The painting is very realistic and is somewhat comforting , as the you can see the angel is giving good news to the Marys that Jesus has risen and is with God.
This painting portrays the slaying of the dragon(devil) by Saint George , in this painting the colors are either very dark are vaguely bright.
This painting is one of Leonardo's most famous paintings that shows the annunciation of Mary before she becomes ******** with Jesus. This painting is yet again another prime example of how Renaissance standards of fashion and society play a role in the painting. The clothing in the painting is very inaccurate to the time period in which the scene actually took place and the building behind Mary is equally asinaccurate too and it shows the building as some what of a manor.
This is a sculpture of The Last Supper , where Jesus broke bread for the last time with his disciples before he was crucified.The sculpture is a little darker yet it is very detailed and three diminsional.
This picture shows the devil and demons torturing St. Anthony and is one of Buonarroti's best paintings. During this time period people were very afraid of evil and demons and this painting was very impacting for them. St. Anthony shows his steadfastness against the demons. He is almost saying torment me but I am still faithful to God. The colors and attention to detail in this painting are extraordinary, from the detail of the demons to the city in the backdrop, this is a very intense Renaissance painting.
This piece shows St. Eustace and portrays his love for animals and wild life. Durer does a very good job of detailing every little thing and through shades he is able to make the piece pop and bring it to life.
This is a painting of Jesus and his disciples fishing and it shows great detail to shade focuses more on the people in the painting than surrounding objects.
These are eight seated bishops of the Catholic Church and the Catholic Church had a tremendous impact on society during the Renaissance.
Ecce **** is what Pilate said to the crowds as Jesus was brought out to be crucified. This painting is very intense and due to the colors and expressions by people, it makes the painting very fearful and frantic . Although this painting is supposed to be occuring back during the time period of Jesus people in the painting are painted with clothing similar to the fashion during the time of the creation of the paintimg.
The painting shows the consecration of St. Nick and when he becomes a Saint. This piece is a beautiful example of Renaissance art because it is very detailed in color and shows a lot of motion along with showing good three dimensional features.
This painting shows when Saint Sebastian is becoming a Saint, and has many beautiful shades and color textures that really bring the picture to life.
This piece shows Jesus dead and the Marys and his loved ones carrying him off to his tomb. The color and texture in this painting is just beautiful. Ruben showed a great detail for color and this can be seen through Jesus 's coloring for it is a pale white and it makes it very believable that he is dead. The ****** expressions shown are also very detailed and bring the picture to life.
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