Colors in the sky

I picked color because I love how the sky illuminates itself and everything that is reflected by it in multitude of colors depending on many factors. And each and every color regardless of when and where is breathtaking and awe-inspiring.

i like how the sky has so many shades of gray to create a unified color and makes the sunlight shining through seem more ethereal.
The mix of blues, grays, pinks and purple in the sky makes the landscape stand out a lot , while showing the fantasy like colors in the sky.
This is a perfect painting that shows the different colors created in reflection of sunlight and the sky on the landscape.
The sunset colors in the sky acts as background making the mountain come alive with vivid colors and gives life.
The sky reflecting on the water creates a seamless border that continues for eternity. I love it very much.
The colors in this painting makes the landscape look like a scene from a fantasy world.
I love starting at this painting, the color are rich and muted at the same time, giving it very serene and peaceful feel to the landscape.
This painting showcase the purples we sometime see during sunset. The contrasting greenish blue color of the ocean makes it stand out that much more.
I love this painting, i have no words to describe it. The colors on the painting as a unity gives the feeling of ambiguity and yet is very peaceful.
The bright color of the sky makes the field shine, as if it is covered in a blanket of gold.
The darker colors of the landscape makes the oranges and browns in the sky and landscape standout. 
The burning village is emphasized by the hue of reds in the sky. 
This painting is gorgeous. The moonlight shinnying through the clouds and illumining the night landscape is breathtaking. 
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