Principles of Art

This shows radial balance through color in the painting by all colors seeming to correspond.
This is an example of assymetrical balance as the right side of the street looks larger than the left.
This clearly shows balance since both sides are symmetrical in color and in design.
I view the castle as the focal point even though it is in the background because the light of the sky around it leads the eye to it. I personally did not even notice the boats and people in the water although the sea is also lit a little bit.
This work shows repetition because the pattern repeats
This shows repetition through re-using the running man decreasing in size throughout the entire portrait.
This piece repeats the same basic design with only a slight change in color in the background
In this piece everything looks evenly portioned and life-like
This shows proportion mainly in the legs. They are the same size fitting each other.
There is unity with all of the different colors and even the people in the painting seem to be united.
This sculpture shows variety in the use of different shapes and color throwing off the eye
Credits: All media
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