15 items of art

This oil Painting seemed it needed a lot of detail I love the ceiling and how pretty he makes the room look by just making It a little larger ceiling at this ballroom party.
This reminds me of the summer when I help do Hay. I like how it shows how the men look tired and are taking a break from the heat and showing its not an easy job cutting all that wheat.
This emotion shows a lot of sadness of all the people who had died in some kind of war and all the people who have visited after the people had died.
I chose this art Piece because I feel this is unusual and it looks like it may be a hat with a floor from a long time ago because that was a big thing at one time floors on hats.
I like this art piece because at one time when he was president before he died he was painted and you can tell he was in deep thought.
I liked the way this painting shading looked and I could feel the emotion in this painting that this young lady was running away or upsetting someone she cared about.
This is a piece we talked about in class and I liked this piece because it reminds me of something you may see in a church or something that had happen from long ago.
There were the 2 men that seemed to be in charge of everyone else. Then their was a young girl hiding behind other men trying to see what is going on. It may be some kind of bar or some type of war.
In high school I took art class, in that class we talked about Vincent Van Gogh. The stay night reminds me of summer with friends when we hang underneath the starry night. I like this painting.
I like how everyone is directing the attention towards the man dying and how You can tell its war area because the smoke and the people around them who seem to be still shocked up.
One side is mountains the other side how's grass land with pineapple trees. Showing the relationship that it may be on an inlaid and I love how pretty it looks with the rainbow and rain.
They direct the attention to the one table and trying to show its a party seen and how this lady is talking to this man and she seems she could be drunk. or he could be asking her to marry him
A bonfire is always nice during the summer but this one is very different than ones we see today. I like how it was with people from long ago and has them in dresses even though its outside bonfire.
This reminds me of stories of the sheep farmers that cry wolf but here its a dead loin and a young boy just like the stories in the bible this is beautiful and detailed and shows victory.
Turtles are my favorite type of animal as a child and I loved this one cause it shows this man feeding and training these turtles to do something. The turtles look perfectly painted.
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