Byzantine Icons

 A look into the Icons of the Byzantine Empire

Here we see a cross that was from 6-7th century although not exactly from the time period it still gives you and Idea that icons were around even before the controversy started then. The Iconoclasm started over the controversy of allowing the use of religious images and symbols in the church. Some have argued that Icons have been around since the biblical days as David worshiped "Icons" and Abraham worshiped others not to mention Jacob worshiping Esau.
Here depicts an Icon of the Mary Magdalene with Jesus as a child amongst Saints. This provides an interesting piece due to the controversy at the time with the depiction of Jesus in images. Images like this caused much controversy because with the depiction of Jesus Christ it defied the holy trinity and there for defies god and the church
Here we have a depiction of the Archangel Michael who in many faiths is considered a protector and leader of gods armies. The catholic church also depicts him as an angel of death. The Easter Orthodox Church tends to have Michael as patron saint
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