A great man called Aristotle described color as a quality of material. It is also a fascinating element of design i admire most because it makes objects stand out and well defined.

A well color coded wall defining its use on an empty space. Starring at this photo draws me closer till i loose my self.
The use of colors used in a different forms. I like this work because of how the colors seem to project the thread. It makes a creative piece of work in day light.
One thing that makes it work stand out is the use of color. Without it fade of and not define the other principles well enough in my opinion. 
A refreshing abstract piece. I like the green painted on the frame. It gives a perspective look.
i like this vase because i picture it would look better with white smoke from top. It would be a cool looking lamp as well if it had light inside
The use of yellow as positive space looks natural here with the shaded yellow as stairs. It draws the viewer closer also
I have always admired asian landscape painting. This one in monochrome seem to be inspiring to me.
Lights projects colors very well. I Like this blue space because it could serve as a perfect place for illusion.
I realized that the artist projected this on a black space. Out of each negative color on the four panels, the letters and number stands out even from a distance. Once again the power of using colors effectively
This figure is symbolical to the Korean i believe. I think it has a really great composition of lines and colors to depict a warrior. 
Color analysis shows and proves a great tool to create a good death in a field. Such as used in this abstract work.
Primary colors of pigment. I was happy when i saw this. 
THis use of color in blending. This is quite unusual but to achieve quite a state when controlling is amusing. 
Colors used don't seem bright, but the use of it was once again executed properly
A marvelous painting, preferably my one of my fav collections. Depth and illusion is achieved here once again with the use of colors. 
Credits: All media
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