Flowers have the ability to change the mood, and/or add emphasis to subjects

What I am trying to prove throughout this gallery is that flowers change the way you look at a painting. It doesn't matter whether the flowers are the subject, or just used in the background to highlight an important idea. Flowers show us more than we are able to comprehend at once.

LaHue first painted the red flower in the background, and the people that lived around there fell in love with it. They asked her for sunflowers, and she granted their wish. That building is still open for rent. I decided to add this piece because art doesn't have to go on paper, canvas, or be photographed. I also chose this piece because the sunflowers are standing alone, they contrast with everything around them and still make the piece look lively.
Van Gogh was starting to change his color palette and went from pale hues, to bright colors. This painting is one of my favorites because he adds life to this painting by adding those irises and adding the bright blue. The scenery is great, the town is visible in the back and it contrasts with the sky. the trees also stand out from the town, and the wheat field is separated by this row of irises. I chose to add this piece to my gallery because there are many components in this artwork, and they would do fine without the flowers. Van Gogh decides to make the flowers the subject of this artwork and adds everything else around it. The flowers could stand alone, contrasting with the bright field, but putting them altogether adds life and a whole different perspective. The painting after this shows Van Gogh's advantage of bright colors.
I like this art piece because it is a Van Gogh version of a still life. The sky is a bright blue, and the land has a spring green with lots of movement. The trees in the background seem to move too, and the green is rich and heavy. Once you add the bright red poppies, it changes your focus. Now your main focus are the red poppies and how they contrast the bright blue sky. If you take away the poppies, you still have a beautiful landscape with lots of movement, and once you add the poppies, the movement doesn't go away, it just adds life.
This photograph of flowers in a vase caught my eye because the flowers are at full bloom, and look livelier than ever. That's another thing that I love about flowers, they don't necessarily have to have color to look beautiful and stand out. Given, if you take out the flowers, there is no subject, but it would still be a pretty gloomy piece.
Robinson's photography impresses me because he was one of the first people to use an early example of photomontage for his artwork. I like this piece because the theme uses flowers, but you don't really see the live flowers, you just see the stems, but the closer you look at the art you realize that there are flowers, but they're a bit small, thus they just look like stems. I think this gives the piece a whole new meaning. At first the piece was a little depressing without the flowers, and now that you know that there are flowers, it adds a little bit of life to it. The women do have serious faces, but it just has to do with the work. In my eyes, this was a great example of what I'm trying to prove. Without the flowers, is just gloomy, but once you realize that there are flowers, it adds some life, and maybe a little bit of color.
William Blake was a famous author with many other coloring talents. He was commissioned to illustrate a couple of Thomas Gray's poems. I chose to add this painting because the woman could stand alone, and it just be the background without the flowers and have a lonely feeling, but with the flowers, and the extra colors, the artwork is no longer as depressing. The flowers changed the mood of the piece. The woman could be removed from the piece and you still have beautiful flowers growing along a stream, which is beautiful and peaceful in itself. These flowers could stand on their own without the woman, but they could also stand with the woman and add more meaning to it. I chose this artwork because the flowers, alone or not, make this piece calming and beautiful.
Brueghel was a famous painter during and after his time. His still life's were what mostly made him known. I chose this piece to be in my gallery because the flowers are the main subject but then at the same time, they are not. This painting is structured using an equilateral triangle, but it uses a 30-60-90 degree triangle that is easier to see. The flowers are the main subject because they are in the center, and have lots of color. The flowers represent life/youth and beauty. They go well with the other objects in this painting. the gold chalice represents money, as well as the jewels which also represent beauty too. This painting fits well into this gallery because it adds beauty and does change the mood of this painting. Without the flowers the painting would just be dark, and just represent money, and not beauty/youth.
I chose to add this sculpture to my gallery because it looks like a flower, and is meant to be used to depict "Las Guerras Florida". "Las Guerras Florida" were when the Aztecs would hunt down people of other tribes to capture them and sacrifice them. So the more rain they received (or just good weather), the more they would sacrifice. I liked this sculpture because it is meant to look like something beautiful, but stands for the opposite. This sculpture was made to add emphasis to "Las Guerras Florida" because people often forget. Even though it is a odd looking form of a flower, it can stand alone. The other gallery selections have a more lively appearance, that's why I thought this one would be perfect.
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