Ready For My CloseUp

"Ready For My CloseUp" is all about taking your time to look at the greater details within a work and discovering images that you did not detect at first glance. This collection is compiled of pieces that defy the obvious demanding attention and a fine eye to define the multitude of details within.

Due to its subtlety in value variation this work requires further study to define all the forms within the depiction.
This piece I find to be pretty self-explanatory by its fitting title.
There are so many shapes within this work that if one does not take the time to investigate and merely just glances one will miss an abundance of details.
The use of geometric shapes to form figures allows for various interpretation.
At first glance this work merely looks like a multitude of color striations, however, when investigating its finer detail once can visualize various images.
Is this piece a bunch of leaves decaying on the ground in mid October or is it two girls dancing and celebrating the arrival of spring?
What is that hidden within the ash? Due to the fuzzy depiction of the foreground compiled of land and fire against the delineated background ones eye is drawn into investigating the more defined depictions within the background.
While the idea of this piece is quite clean there are many details one misses by merely glancing at "Death on a pale horse." For instance did you see the hand reaching out before I just mentioned it.
From a distance this piece looks like a bunch of squiggly lines, however upon closer examination one will find defined creatures and forms.
This work defies human nature to put a "name with a face" to the point where it can have a multitude of interpretation.
Due to the delineations within this piece one is drawn into investigating its composition and make sense of the work by picking out various images.
This is another piece that makes you think. It is not a blatant for telling a definite story. While there may be defined shapes and notable forms what do they say to you. I see raw emotion within this piece that deserves further investigating.
This just looks like a tangled mess at first... But wait a minute and look. Now you may see a futuristic landscape or a land not of this world or maybe something completely different.
Some may say a child could create this piece, it looks like the artist slapped on some paint and called it art. I would even be tempted to agree with that assessment, however, really examining the piece I begin to see children at play in the slow. What do you see?
Due to the overall complexity of this piece and the multitude of pattern it is complicated to define what the work is, however, with a little investigating one will begin to define its imagery.
Credits: All media
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