Texture Within

This gallery is a collection of paintings that contain a great amounts of texture within them and hoping to explore the world that we are surrounded by and transmit the same emotion they evoke to others. 

This piece by Bruegel contains a lot of detail, creating a sense of texture in the clouds, the structure that takes most of the piece, the water and the area surrounding the Tower of Babel.
The foreground and the background have different textures the viewer can feel when they admiring this piece. The foreground feels softer and warmer due to the vast grassland than the rocky background.
This piece contains unbelievable detail, almost like a photograph. It captures the texture of the tree and leafs and nature in general. The lighting makes it warmer and more interesting.
This painting is a hard one to decipher but still interesting one to watch. The texture feels like worn down copper or some sort of metal. The texture keeps it interesting to watch.
This painting by Renoir contains fabrics which are hard to do, but the author is able to accomplish the folds of the fabric which create a soft and delicate texture in the characters and the room.
The trees that guard the lake in this painting are merely silhouettes but still serve their purpose. The reflections on the lake are beautifully done and catch your eyes immediately with warm textures.
The colors used in this painting of Van Gogh enhance the textures and the feeling of the whole piece. The singular brush strokes of Van Gogh help the texture pop out of the painting.
This painting has different visible objects that have different textures each that tell them apart one from another. It is a beautiful painting.
Texture are clearly present and recognizable in this painting, starting in the soft looking clouds to the rough sea shore ground.
The textures that was accomplished in the trees is impressive, they feel rough and dry along with the path that guides your eye through the whole painting. Melancholy and sadness reign in this piece.
Soft looking skies and rough foreground create a great contrast in this picture. The trees look soft along with sky that takes up half of the painting.
Very quick but firm brushstrokes make up this painting with contrasts. The metal can be told apart from the curtains behind the characters also dressed in their daily clothes.
This painting contains many different textures like the wood in the chair and the flapping fabric curtains, all of them very unique in the feeling they provoke.
The clouds in the background fading into the horizon create some sense of calmness which is the texture of the clouds help create. The rocks in the foreground also contain great detail and texture.
Credits: All media
This user gallery has been created by an independent third party and may not always represent the views of the institutions, listed below, who have supplied the content.
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