The Visual Arts

Kirstin Kann

In this painting the artist has used oil paint on canvas. With oil paint he could have used a few different types of media such as varnish, resin and cold wax. When using oil paint it would sometimes take a few weeks for it to dry. It is unknown who the artist was creating the picture of. But there have been a few speculations.
Vincent van Gogh painting are easy to spot. The brush stroke he used throughout his paintings are very unique. Painting with this unique makes the picture seem to jump out to you and shows textures. In this painting he used oil based paint. Over a span of 10 years Van Gogh painted 10 self portraits this being one of them.
Eternal Springtime was created by Auguste Rodin. He crated this beautiful sculpture out of raw carrara marble. Auguste Rodin was known for sculpting beautiful nude sculptures. He was able to showcase this in many sculptures he did. This particular sculpture was commissioned for a meusem.
This particular piece is considered jewelry. Even though it is to wear I still believe this is a piece of art. Looking at the small pendant and seeing the small detail it amazes me this one done before modern tools. There a few mediums used in this piece. Gold and different types of jewels are used throughout this piece. There are many different stories as to why this piece was created, but it is part of a royal collection.
This painting shows two different parts of the town he was painting. On the bright side of the fire you find the wealthy and the upper class. On the darker side it shows the not so wealthy. P.S. Kreyer started this painting in 1892 but it took him over 14 years to finish this piece. The medium he used was oil on canvas.
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