Elements of art 

The 7 Elements of Art

The lines in this piece of art are implied to help shape the mans face and help his face take up most of the artwork.There are darker lines to the emphasize the features of the face and the ground.
Shape-The shape of the painting is organic. The shape is also very fluent and simple.
Value- There are different values in this painting to create realism of the trees. Also, the different values help create the flow of the painting.
Form/Volume- The object looks like it has a volume, looks like it has a wide width and length.
Texture- The artist has allowed the texture to be shown in the women's clothing. The texture is smooth and curvy. Dark accents have been added to the clothing to add the affect of texture.
Space- There is the illusion of depth in this painting. The space is deep and makes the art look like it goes further back then it actually does.
Color-The colors correspond to nature, the colors are realistic to what the colors of the sky can be.The colors are dull.
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