The black, white, and everything in between gallery. The Contrary and Unity of Composition.

The landscape "Morning of Mountains/Evening of Mountains" shows the beginning and end of the mountain's day.
A photograph showing where art is held at and being an art piece at simultaneously.
"Untitled," The same object but we have a view of the outside and inside. They do not look the same but they're the same.
War, the struggle of greed between nations but the only ones who pay the price are the people. You only lose
A very detailed and advanced work, the shadows and shades makes you think of almost of an unconventional workplace.
A Firework Display, "Do you ever feel like plastic bag? Drifting through wind wanting to start again" In all seriousness, it feels the grand celebration and the depth of the landscape feels alive
The man who seems to be the center of attention looks like he's standing guard or he's about to kill the women on bended knees
The field with no color looks beautiful and i feel that it looks more beautiful without color. The woman really compliments the field
This piece is abstracted, suppose to be a lone flower. I see it as the flower that is bleeding into the sky almost like magic
Looks like the shadow of a cactus, or the arms of being reaching out for something.
Simple and yet such an elegant piece of kitchenware
A man mounted on a horse, made of a dark metallic ooze
Photography of misty desolated bay, looks dead and lifeless
The man who appears as the shadow of himself standing on dawn/dusk of day, by the position of the beam of light that cracks through the scrub
Nature at its finest
Credits: All media
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