World Of War

A quick examination of the history and side effects of war worldwide. 

Here we have a poster that says that railroad workers were needed during war. This is a perfect depiction of the many different effects of war. Not all are negative. Jobs are created during war time.
This poster is aimed toward supporters of the war. Wars have to be funded and all investors are welcomed.
Here is a picture of an Asian war camp where the workers are loading ammunition. Like I said before, war creates jobs. Ammunition is a vital key in wars and it must be manufactured.
This is a shot of protestors. Protests and rallies will be held to try and prevent the war. Wars are started for different reasons, many which are misunderstood.
This is a picture of a crowd that gathered at a declaration of war speech. War unites the community in certain ways. It can also disband a community.
This is a World War I recruitment poster. Soldiers are needed to volunteer or be drafted during war time. Volunteers will "enlist" or sign up to be in the military and fight for their country.
The text at the bottom reads, "Back As Soon As We Beat Hitler". Many people volunteer for wars. Sometimes they are drafted, but either way, people sacrifice themselves for wars.
This is a picture of a wounded soldier being carried by his fellow troops to safety. Wars cause permanent injuries to people and communities. The economy is likely to plummet as well.
This is a picture of dead remains of soldiers. It's a sad reality of war. Casualties will happen in war and people will lose loved ones.
This is a list of soldiers who took part and died in combat during a war. Nobility is a reward of fighting in war. You are remembered and honored for your sacrifices.
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