Ten amendments of the bill of rights

,By: Mikayla Malatka

Basic Freedoms: People have the right to show their personal beliefs and express the way they want to speak and not be punished. This picture shows a woman that has an american flag and seems to be walking flowingly through the air.
Right to Bear arms: People have the right to have an armed weapon on them in order to have a well organized small army. This painting shows a war between two different groups and shows how a small army has the right to use an armed weapon.
Quartering of Soldiers: All people have the right to not have to let a soldier in to stay in your home. This picture shows a soldier in a families home which pretty obviously represents the amendment.
Search and Arrest: People have the right to not be searched or confiscated of their private home, property, or their belongings. This shows a woman peacefully standing in her home and this shows an example of the fourth amendment because in this picture she has the right to her privacy.
Right in criminal cases: All people have the right to not speak, you do not have to make yourself guilty, anything you do say be used to make you guilty. This picture represents remaining silent.
Right to a fair trial: When involved in a criminal case people have the right to a speedy trial and they have the right t be judged by other people not just the judge. This picture represents a speedy trial because of the clock.
Rights in Civil cases: If the jury decides that you are guilty or not guilty you can not be trialed again on the issue. An example of this is once your dead you can't come back to life again.
Bails,Fines,Punishment: People do not need to pay a lot of money to be bailed, and people should not be punished harshly for what they have done.This is a picture of a man that has been arrested and will need to be bailed.
Rights retained by the people: People have the right to do things other than what was stated in the constitution. The constitution doe not state that you can play on the ice or play golf but these people are because it is people rights and they are aloud to do things not stated in the constitution.
States rights: Power not prohibited by the constitution or the state are aloud to that state. This shows a part of a state living a normal life working as farmers together.
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