Aris ancient egyptian exhibit 

this peace of art is of two soldiers walking to fight the Persians. plus geting ready to fight.
this peace of art is a bowl that crafts people and merchants made. The uses for this bowl are eating out of, using for others like scooping out and putting in water for something.
This bowl is also made by crafts people and merchants. this bowl can be used for many things like planting,cooking and gathering water. They also sometimes write hieroglyphics too.
This blue lotus chalice cup is used for drinking out of. this cup is also used for maybe for holidays too. for example birthdays,new years if they celebrated that.
This peace of art is called column base with rams and a lion. This peace of art is made out of clay and water from the nile river.
This peace of art is of a mummified lady. This is what they would do this to people in egypt.
The fish was a important part of egypt. The fish out of the nile river provided food like fish and other food too.
This nife carved out of wood was a comon one to be used for cuting and cookin things.
This was a comon one to the nile river to to bring and carry water in for crops and cooking.
This hipo was important to the nile too beacuse the people ate the animals and used the skin for clothing.
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