Paint is a wonderful thing-Clare 209-01 summer 1

The first thing that captures your eye is the wonderful color and design- Alexandria Frutchey 

Looks like a watercolor which is a water-soluble solution placed onto fabric/canvas. I enjoy the use of the colors and how well they all blend together. The proportion is useful when looking.
This painting has a good use of texture. I can almost feel the detail in the painting. The use of black and white make the picture stand out more. Both people look happy and capture the atmosphere.
I enjoy the use of colors used, Blue is a primary color, and purple is a secondary color. The detail in the painting is significant since it can tell a story. The texture explains the waves.
This is my favorite in my collection because it shows the flags for each country and where each country is placed. Color plays a role because it is needed to distunish the flags.
The use of lines, shapes, and textures make the painting pop! Even though there is no color besides black/white. Looks like the painting is moving. Modern for the time period which it was painted.
Credits: All media
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