Things Fall Apart

Ellie/Abby Liss

I feel like this artwork relates to how Okonkwo because he felt so lost and out of control of himself.
This relates to Okonkwo because his world has been flipped around and he felt so very lost.
This really spoke to me because it represents his sadness and loss of all his truth in himself, yet it's still strong and structured.
For some reason, I feel like this painting has a very melancholy vibe to it. Okonkwo would also be very melancholy, because so much sadness has occured.
In this painting, there is one man who is in charge, and the focus is mainly on him. The title of the painting is what really spoke to me because he had to learn to do things himself and find control.
Okonkwo was very smart, but his yearning to be so different from his father caused him to sink into the deep depression at the end of the book.
I think Okonkwo felt very torn by the end of the book, because there were so many things he could have changed, if only his pride hadn't gotten in the way.
Okonkwo thought he was on a one way track to being the toughest warrior, but his yellow staircase of doubt took him off that path and he thought there was only one way to go.
In the end, there was so much death and destruction left in Okonkwo's wake. I feel like this picture really captures the emotion that everyone felt.
In this picture, you can see there is a chair sinking into the ground. I think that was how Okonkwo felt, like he was sinking deeper and deeper, but he never tried to get out.
Credits: All media
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