Power and its Effect

Thematic discussion of power and its effect. The effect of having power causes the protaginist to question their actions and their reason. This as well as influences for their decision for what is morally right and wrong. In addition, effect of power can influence the character through society impact, as well the time period and setting will affect the power given the literature text of the ultimate impact this setting has on the people. 

In the epic of gilgamesh, power and its affect is a reocurring theme . Here I use the sword of the hilt which depicts Gilgamesh and Enkidu killing Humbaba. The discussion for power and it affect relates to the first encountering Enkidu will be discussed with relation to Gilgamesh's pride. There is a transgression of gaining power over Enkidu for he is first trusted after defeating Enkidu. Furthermore, Shows the power being a great thing of trust as well as working together to defeat common enemy. The affect of power is first having Gilgamesh and Enkidu becoming enemies then after becoming friends they use their power together to defeat a common enemy. , "I will go in front of you, and your mouth can cry out: 'Go on closer, do not be afraid!' Should I fall, I will have established my fame. (They will say:) 'It was Gilgamesh who locked in battle with Humbaba the Terrible!'" (2.228- 237). Here I observed just how important pride is to Gilgamesh. Pride is the single reason why he wants to venture to Cedar Forest in order to fight Humbaba. Gilgamesh himself knows he is mortal so he wants to create himself immortal in terms of doing his great deed of defeating Humbaba and creating memories throughout time that will make his last forever. This pride leaves to his power to be remember throughout the ages which is him being immortal.
In Persepolis, the thematic of development of power is shown the overthrowing of the government. Through the Iranian Revolution, we see the affect of the power from the young girl, Marjane, perception. Where, power now is trying to change the society and the ideologies completly. The affect of power is from the leader of the revolution taking power where he is spreading his power through instilling his views and beliefs of islam and and the Quran and using it as a scapegoat for his coming to power. Here we see the power of the oppressors of her country affecting her define beliefs. “Shut up you! [God] Get out of my life!!! I never want to see you again!” (70).Where now from being a devout Muslim, the power of the actions of the oppressors using the name of God is actually affecting her drastically.
Freud depicted the pyscho-analysis of three tiers of the conciosness. The id, ego, and the the super ego.“The super-ego, which thus takes over the power, function, and even the methods of the parental agency, is however not merely its successor but actually the legitimate heir of its body” (78) Here we see a living proof form Freud showing that our conciousness is multi-level and has a strong sense of connection between our actions as well as our state of mind being the super ego. However, the application and implementation his psychological ideals are extended from his nephew Edward Bernays, and not directly from his own doing but indirectly. Bernays is the father is public relations as well as marketing and advertising. He revolutionized the way we received information as well as interact with products and goods. Through Freud he created the idea of the id, the ego, the super ego which Bernays exemplified into modern culture. The id is simply your own personal self-animalistic desire, anything that you want all the time of your desire and not facing consequences. The super ego is culturally constructed norms taken upon our self and seeing what we should do instead of what we want to do. In Bernays movies its talked about the forces of hunger, love, and so on is part of the id. The super ego is doing things that outputs great results and is the most logical and beneficial to the person. The go is the balance between the two whereas the ego is is the balance between the id and the super ego. The middle eog is the balance between the uncousiness and the consciousness where it has desires and wants but is also filtered by logic and reasoning. Bernays what he did was he figured out in in order to attract people with marketing your product you need to hit their id or the feeling of the product. How desire can manipulate and appeal to their id and you can focus on the force on want. From this people can get people to buy their product at a time and time again buy it. Here in this painting we see a projected image of what we see the self diserable "high life".We see the power to the people of using tactics of pyscho-analysis of his teachings in order to convince someone to example buy a certain project.The innate attraction is depicted by Freud how the power of the ego can feed you.
I believe Socrates is a very self-driven, independent, and truthful person. He sought the truth in this world and humbly put forth his own life in order to better mankind and to discover that unknown’s o this universe. He a very science driven being though as well having faith, he sincerely tries to open the ignorant minds around him to see beauty of truth. His main driven point was through the medium of questions to cause each individual to express their own philosophy and ideologies. He held that the soul existed before the body and became stupefied when becoming bodily. His main ideologies had that of two purposes, the contemplate God and to abstract the soul from the body. I believe Socrates is someone that I would want to talk to for he just does not following the social norm when it comes to what he believes in. He is very open minded and has the ability to be a great visionary his time, example deducing and creating the now known scientific method. However, Socrates did live in an unruly time where there was a very classic and traditional view of the Gods of Athens. The Athenians believed in a structured divine rule of the gods and they, being in power, wanted to enforce their beliefs on everyone. Seeing if someone is influential and trying to shy away from the traditional view his views may convince other people of his ideologies and may divide the people of Athens. The entire society is built around the Athens gods in terms of worshipping, temples, and overall fundamental faith. Athens’ courts convicted him of corrupting the youth as well as not believing in their Gods. This is a great damage to have a person as Socrates very educated that people may listen to for it could potential persuade and change the very course of nature of how the youth will form the society not believe in the Athens Gods and it would change the course of society. I believe that he should not have been sentenced to death by the courts just because someone should have a right to their view of beliefs as long as they are not harming others in any extreme matter. The Athenians were trying to eliminate his ideological views but they failed to recognize even though Socrates will die, his ideas will live on forever which they have now seeing we are greatly impacted by his philosophy. The dominant reason why Socrates Crito to escape was because he actually, even though the courts were against, was still an Athenian and still respected the law of the city, even though he was being condemned you can see his honor being shown. I would have done the same of Socrates, even though a society may be against me, I would still have honor and dignity as he did. To further demonstrate this point Euthyphro believe God only loves “good” and hates that which is not good. However, Socrates, questioned this theory of morality between right versus wrong. Even though Euthyphro sentenced his own father because he sought the malicious act of killing is wrong, and God is displeased with this so this father is convicted. In Socrates eyes, he saw that what is God thinks good or bad is subject to the gods and therefor he questions morality as a whole. “Someone will say: Yes, Socrates, but cannot you hold your tongue, and then you may go into a foreign city, and no one will interfere with you? Now I have great difficulty in making you understand my answer to this. For if I tell you that this would be a disobedience to a divine command, and therefore that I cannot hold my tongue, you will not believe that I am serious; and if I say again that the greatest good of man is daily to converse about virtue, and all that concerning which you hear me examining myself and others, and that the life which is unexamined is not worth living - that you are still less likely to believe” (The Apology 6). Here Socrates shows strong honor and faith in himself where he will never hold his tongue or stop speaking the truth that he feels and not man can ever prevent him from speaking his mind. Clearly the Athenians showed their power of controlling other people views on society enforced them , in Socrates case, eliminated any threat to their views.
Every religion is derived from a fundamental place of its origin. Religion is based heavily on the time period as well as the culture of the people who are spreading and embracing the religion. As compared to Mesopotamia culture, their written stories were heavily influenced on the time frame as well as the culture, such as the Epic of Gilgamesh. Here we will explore the Book of Genesis and its creation, development, and effect of style of written based upon the setting. Genesis VT from Genesis 1-9 is the Hebrew bible and not the Old Testament. There are different genesis that are classified as the first genesis as a very descriptive and poetic type form and the other one is very objective and direct and follows the story of Adam and eve closely. Here were derived that in this that we must give offerings of our submission to God for thanking him of all that we have done. In addition we see rules being set up by God that the innate blood of all belongs to God meaning ourselves belong to God because God creates it, further eluding that entire God creates returns to God. From here the discussion of the actually Book of Genesis is discussed. This book deals with how mankind was created from the origin point. It says that all that we know in the universe was created in seven days. The first day of the creation of God I found actually very particular. It says that God separated light from darkness. Having a strong background in astrophysics, what’s interesting is that when the Big Bang, when it happened about 90 percent of the universe was dark matter and 10 percent was light matter. Dark matter has all the reverse properties of the matter we see now called light matter. Meanings its massless, invisible and so on. However, through something called in physics a hyper anomaly, the light matter beat or in other words won over dark matter so now the universe is light matter. Kind nerdy but interesting because In physic the light matter was actually separated from the dark matter. On the second day God creates the Heavens and oceans, the third day what is settled and there is vegetation, the fourth day he ordered light to be in the sky having stars etc, the 5 th day creatures of simplicity, the sixth day he created mankind and the seventh day is the last day called the Sabbath. The First of mankind was Adam as he was crated from the dust of the ground. He was given the breath of life and resided it the garden of Eden. Here we see God giving Adam one task being to know eat from the Tree of Knowledge that holds good or evil. If he does God warned him the will no longer me immortal. Eve was created as his partner from the ribcage, thus the male and female of mankind is created. Here we see man’s temptation wanting which he is not allowed to, the utter desires. The serpent in the Garden attempts to defy God’s wishes and convinces Adam and Eve to eat from the forbidden tree. He uses convincing such it will give you God powers. Here we see the first beginning of mankind being driven by power, and being driven by power. In the transgression of Genesis 3:4-6, the first transgression is “But the Serpent said to the woman you will not die for god knows that when you eat it, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil”(Genesis 3:4-6). Here we see they were made like gods as immortal and if they defy their creator they will be mortal and punished and seeing as they did they are punished. “In the sweat of your face you shall eat bread till you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken you are dust and to dust you shall return” (Genesis 3:14-19). Here it is showed that Adam and Eve are cursed and they must die now on Earth. They are now cut off from divinity. So now we see a new covenant for mankind as Adam and Eve were cursed and now given rules to follow their Lord. The new world covenant is be fruitful and multiply, every plant and tree of the earth is for you, you shall not eat flesh in its blood, shedding human blood, must be repaid with a life, because for its own image God made mankind. They must follow the rules of their God. We see that the three transgressions were built based upon the unruly actions of the animalistic of men. Similarly the new covenant was divine and created for the time period of Man seeing how they were unruly and not ordered. Through storytelling, the creation of the world was in a style and manner that the people of the time could actually understand. Compared to Mesopotamia area, the Epic of Gilgamesh was written in a style in which the people would look up to the hero in this Epic and follow his example. However, the Bible was written for a time for divine nature, in which it is a rule and people must follow and it was the universal written. Compared to the Epic of Gilgamesh it was not divine but it was meant as an example to follow for good character. Power here represented is the power of divinity, the power of God versus the the power of the Serpent (the devil). Here we see the struggle of of morality.
We should understand the Tao by not trying to understand it directly at all. What may seem controversy is actually quite correct when understanding the Tao. The Tao is nameless or without meaning. The Tao is the way of life, how life is, and how natural life is, much like the blueprint of the universe where everything is equal and everything coinciding working together for the greater good. We should understand the Tao as nameless yet coinciding. For example, in Book One: The Book of the Way, it says “These two, Emptiness and Existence, came from the same source. Though they bear different names, the serve the same mystical cause” (The Daodejing of Laozi,8). Here we see that Laozi warns us against the trap of language. The eternal is not belonged to anyone or anything, it is not metaphysical. Here we see that it is a dichotomy, meaning that emptiness or existence, one is not greater than the other, but they are both necessary for natural life. The theme from book 1 focuses dominantly on The Way (Daojin). This universal theme exemplifies on the element the natural way of life. How everything in this world is universally equal and there is a pattern or an order of things. In book 2, of The Virtue (De-Jing), the theme focuses on the virtue of the refined way of life. This theme deals with the way man has lost his natural instinct to be one with nature and rises above. Howe man should have the drive to be kind to others and to be fair. The theme of detaching oneself from their status in society and being equal of treatment and actions is shown here in the theme. In Book 2, it says “If he is not treated the way he expects, he would push away and thrust aside his counterpart” (44). He were see in this book that man has this expectance way of life of wanting something in return. However, the way of the virtue we must he selfless and act of pure selflessness as well as kindness to others. Here we see the innate balance of power. Where there is neither opposing force in Taosim, however, everything is equal nature. For example life and death, where one is not better or greater than the other, but both are necessary part of nature which drives us in this world. Here, the power of balance is essential and Taosim, or the Tao, is interwoven in nature, where everything is equal an necessary in order for the circle of life to continue.
Here we see the last supper before the crucifying of Jesus. Before this we must remember what has lead to him being crucified. Christanity appears the same time as these mystery cults and many things were alike the cults, and the early persecutions of Christians began because the romans thought that they were like the destructive cults of the past. Because the Christians were meeting in secret the Roman Imperials that they were doing something very wrong and lead to great concern. Here we see that the beginnings tensions arose now between the Christians and the Romans as well as growing further conflict. From Luke VT, I discovered and learned of the great disputes between the Roman Republic as well as the religion of Christianity. The Romans were people who were set in their ways and had a great need for power implication of expressing their views. They wanted to keep their state as well as their views implanted to every person. As the teachings spread of Prophet Jesus (Alaywatasalam), it began to increase in size and more followers were converted from the Romans to the Christian ways. Throughout history we see when a society’s way is threatened, the ruling party will do whatever it can to continue to stay in power and will condemn those who are going against. The Romans thought that Christianity would dominate in power so therefore they sought to eliminate the known leader of Christianity being Jesus himself, which they did. From this time period and setting it is here where we see Luke being forged around the surrounding as we see the Epic of Gilgamesh, a historical text, be strongly affected during their time period. From this we see a significant difference between the Old Testament and Luke. In Luke we see no clear defined divinity structure of pictorial represented of the Lord himself as it’s shown in the Old Testament. It is clear that Luke is a strong historic text, where it shows that his thesis and stance on the religion and Jesus is expressed through his story telling but more direct unlike the Old Testament which is not very direcly expressed and ever more story like, showing some compassion and respect for Jesus himself. "But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you (Luke 6:27). Here we see that Jesus is being oppressed by the Romans seeing that as enemies, yet he is, expressed by Luke, still very compassionate and loving and forgiving. Jesus is saying that still after being oppressed they will love those who come to hate you. Here we see the power of compassion and love being executed even by those who hate you for they will see your power of love and not love for power as Romans see it as, and eventually will love you.
The origin of Islam compares very similar and different as well as to Christianity and Judaism. All of these religions have something strong in common being that they come from divine text. In addition, they all have Prophets, people who lead the religion and are examples of the teaching as well as the ways. They come in divine intervention through the written scriptures. They all deal with morality, heaven and hell and so on. All are monotheistic with an exception of Islam being very strongly monotheistic having that is one only god, Allah (SWT) and Jesus Christ is not the son of God. Surah 2 deals with Christianity and Judaism for it speaks the comings of these religions and how they are a part of the Islamic culture and they regard they people of the book, meaning having Prophets as well as having followers of the divine book. However, the major difference is that Jesus is only regarded as a Prophet and not the son of God. He is not given special powers or crucified and he is only referred as a common humble servant and man of God. We see that is very similar and God says that before Islam they Christians and Jews are my servants but have been swayed right path of God, so Jesus warns us of Another Prophet, being Prophet Muhammad, coming into being. “Indeed, those who believed and those who were Jews or Christians or Sabeans [before Prophet Muhammad] - those [among them] who believed in Allah and the Last Day and did righteousness - will have their reward with their Lord, and no fear will there be concerning them, nor will they grieve” (Quran, 2:62). Here we see Islam recognizing the Jews or Christians and says God or Will reward them as well as well as integrated those who followed the religion. Here we see the power of the affect the divinity nature the relation of the importance. Followers of Islam as well as Christianity and Judaism give ultimate submission, as Muslims do while preparing, to their Lord following the power of the divine Text. Unless the Epic of Gilgamesh, true believers do not simply think it is a story or a historical text yet it is divine literature that is meant to be from God, as the Quran is divine literature from God. Here we see the strong power of people submission to their lord through the trust of the power given to divine text.
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