Things become normal over time: Historical Unfortunate patterns of war and sacrifice

There have been wars all around the world and nothing can convey the effect of war better than art. I have selected paintings from various artist that bring a different perspective on the sacrifices the world has endured. 

This piece of Art has a genuine representation of life as a soldier. They sacrifice their body's well being and this painting brings out that movement in the world of war.
Korzhev did a great job of bringing out the emotional stance of the people in the painting. The shape and form of each individuals faces brings out a sense of unity and a variety of grievances.
Not many people realize soldiers sacrifice their sanity of unnatural things. It is unnatural to loose a loved one. The bond between these two fiends is captured by the space the painter created.
Chang Hong captured very well the pain woman endure when they have lost a loved one to war. The colors used to emphasize a sense of emotional pain balances its sense of space.
I think this painting has a good representation of childs of war. The emphasis is placed on the babies with distinctive color scale and shape.
The title is the perfect two words to describe this piece of artwork. And the color scale brings out the seriousness with bold colors, and definite lines.
It's devastating to see a child wounded by war. This painting is well balanced with pastel colors to represent the emotion behind this little girl.
This photo is a work of art. The photographer captured the terror these gentlemen were in. If you notice the sun is on their right side therefore forming a side shadow on their left side.
This piece of photographic art was taken of the front slightly to the left. Which gives a sort of facial definition and balance of color. She clearly seems she is living in misery.
This is a great representation of soldiers who die for their country but do not have loved ones by their side when they pass. The light hitting it from the left brings out a sense of heartache.
Credits: All media
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