COLORs of emotion


This one is one of my favorite I chose. this artist chose so many diffrent colors to give it character. My favorite part is the sky to give it the feeling of dusk.
The first time I looked at this picture I thought it didnt have much color. Just some green and blue, but as I looked more into it I saw the amount of colors that were blended together.
The colors in this piece are so smooth. I just love the transition from the blue to black and then to the pink.
I found that the color choice for this was very good, and all complemented each other well.
I thought the artist choice in colors were very nice, I felt that all the colors worked well together.
I thought the yellow background was a good choice to really make the painting stand out.
The artist really choose colors that would complement the bright room
At first I didnt really know what to think, but I feel that the color choice helps to show the meaning of the art.
The main reason why I choose this was because I really like the order in which they put the colors together
I the colors in this painting really complement and blend well together.
I really like the colors that the artist chose.
I really like the color pallet that was chosen in this piece of art.
I really like how they chose such a simple color, but it has helped out the art piece alot.
I just love how they used difrent colors for the hills.
I just love the reds and orange colors the artist used, it works so well with the blue.
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