12 labour's of hercules

This gallery includes art depicting the mythological greek hero hercules and episodes from his time fulfilling his twelve labour's 

this paint depicts one of the labours of hercules, when he conquers Diomedes, the king of the Bistons, feeding his body to his horses
this work depicts an episode from the life of hercules that crosses over with the labour against the monster Gerione where hercules suffocates the giant Anteo
this work shows hercules crossing the rive Eveno with his wife Deianira and killing the centaur Nessus after his attempt to abduct Deianira
this is on of the labours of hercules when he manages to capture the bull that was ravaging Crete setting free the people from danger
this work is of one of the labours of hercules when he manages to kill the hydra terrorized the area of lerna, burning its nine heads and crushing its final immortal head
this is another depiction of hercules labour to kill the hydra that belonged to the Gondi family in the 17th century
this is another one of hercules labours in which he has to kill the nemean lion, an infamous lion that could not be killed. hercules managed to kill the lion by strangling it with his bare hands
this shows hercules completing the last of his twelve labours were he must capture the guardian to the gates of the underworld Cerberus
this work shows hercules killing the giant Cacus a fire breathing giant that terrorized the palatine hills before the founding of rome
this work show another labour of hercules when he had to hunt a special Hind (red deer) that was sacred to the god Diana
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