They use different line designs to fill in the bodies. Mostly zigzag line and diagonal lines. The skeleton mermaid is really weird and creepy.
Artist used thick and thin lines to show fore, middle, and background. The lines are really interesting and the colors look well together.
They used hatching to emphasize darker areas of their art. The artist made the woman hunched over and distressed and it gives off a dark mood.
There is patterns and repetition in the purple and green lines. The colors and simplicity of the art piece makes it playful.
There is a symmetrical balance in the pot. Also uses hatching. I think it looks messy and clattered.
Dots are used to fill in remaining space around the lines. Reminds me of old stones that were made from dirt in the early ages because of the brown color.
This picture is high in value because it's very dark. Reminds me of sadness because of the dark blues and blacks.
They use the horizontal and vertical lines to make the objects look three dimensional. I really like this one because of the realism and colors.
This piece of artwork is symmetrical in regards to the designs used in each half of the art piece. I enjoy this piece because its very simple.
Used sharp, geometric lines to create an abstract piece of art. To me, it looks weird because some of the shapes don't look like they are in the right places.
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